Scarsdale Diet

What is Scarsdale Diet?

Scarsdale diet is a diet plan designed to help people reduce weight. It was developed by Dr. Herman Tarnower. Scarsdale diet emphasizes eating food with low fat and calories. The diet enables people to eat specific foods for a week (7days) and can also repeat the diet for another week. When two weeks elapses, you can rest before resuming the diet. 1

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In this diet plan, every meal has its specific food you can eat. In addition, Scarsdale diet allows you to eat enough food until you are satisfied as long as you do not overeat.

Scarsdale diet has existed for more than 20 years to date. This diet increases your metabolism so that fat is continuously burned in your body. Food included in this diet has low fat which enables your body to use the stored fat. As a result of the body using stored fat, you are able to lower fat in the body.


Scarsdale diet also has shortcomings. One of these limitations is that it may lead to vitamin deficiency in your body in case a person follows this program for more than two weeks.

However, the program has mechanisms to deal with vitamin deficiency. The program allows you to rest after consuming scarsdale diet every two weeks. This rest between eating cycles enables you to eat other foods to replenish other vital nutrients in the body.

Losing Weight may be Ineffective

Weight loss is the main aim of this diet program. However, when this plan is adhered to for more than two weeks, your body will lack many nutrients. Your body system will then adjust to the food you eat hence affecting how you lose weight.

How Healthy is Scarsdale Diet?

Scarsdale diet plan limits you from selecting the type of nutrients you like. It has foods that you have to follow and excludes other vital foods. For example, the plan restricts milk with coffee. Without milk your body will get less calcium that is necessary for stronger muscles formation.


Scarsdale diet plan is used to help people prevent obesity and reduce weight. This plan also helps people prevent other health complications such as heart diseases and high blood pressure. By consuming low fat and calories, you are able to reduce weight. Excess weight or being obese is associated with high blood pressure and heart diseases.

Scarsdale Diet Plan

Scarsdale diet plan suggests three meals in day. A person has to take breakfast, lunch and supper. The following are some of the foods you have to eat during these meals:


This plan recommends that you drink tea or coffee that has no sugar, milk, cream or honey. You can take a slice of bread without spread. Eat a ½ slice of grapefruits. In case grapefruits are not available, replace it with fresh seasonal fruits. This type of breakfast should be followed every day for 14 days.


The plan recommends different foods for lunch for seven days, which can be repeated for another seven days. A person has to eat tomatoes and cold cults in day one. In day two you can have vegetables and a lean hamburger.

In day three, you can include fresh fruits such as water melon, grapefruit and seasonal fruit. You can also have fish or salmon salad.

In day four, eat protein bread, particular vegetables that you select by yourself. Eat cottage cheese that has little fat content and also consume two boiled eggs.

In day five, eat enough spinach, protein bread and slices of cheese. While in day six, take fruit salad. In day seven, you can have grapefruits or seasonal fruits, vegetables, chicken or turkey.

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The plan allows a variety of foods for seven days for dinner and which can be repeated for another week. For the first day, you can take fresh fruits such as grapefruit or seasonal fruits. Eat protein bread, salad and shellfish or fish.

On the second day you can take fruit salad. On the third day, eat roasted lamb and salad. On the fourth day, avoid chicken that has fat. Take a lot of vegetables. On fifth day, eat a slice of protein bread, shellfish or fish and salad.

On day six, eat roasted chicken or turkey. Take also grapefruit or seasonal fruit and salad. On day seven, take brusell sprouts and salad. Also eat a lot of steak but with low fat.


The diet plan recommends drinking four glasses of water daily. This helps your body to remove toxic materials and reduce weight. In addition the plan suggests drinking coffee or tea during breakfast and dinner. This is because tea or coffee is good in increasing your metabolism and appetite for food.

This plan also recommends for exercises. People following this program should walk 3 kilometers daily to help burn calories. However walking three kilometers may not be achieved given the low intake of calories. Apart from walking, this diet cannot support you perform other physical activities.

Is Scarsdale Diet Effective?

Scarsdale diet emphasizes more proteins intake with little fats and carbohydrates. However, studies are showing that high protein consumption with little carbohydrates can lead to serious heath complications. These complications may include heart attack and high blood pressure.

In addition, Scarsdale diet is not effective in reducing weight for long term. Studies have shown that people who follow this diet lose water but not the actual fat.

Scarsdale diet is not so common nowadays. There are several options of modern diet that people are eating that are appropriate to modern culture of nutrition.

In case you are planning to have a new diet, seek advice from a professional nutrionist or dietician. A nutrionist will guide you which foods to eat and in which proportion. This also ensures that you are eating health to prevent complications such as high blood pressure.

Avoid diet plans such as scarsdale diet because they may give you results for a short time only. But go for diet plans that offer you long term healthy results.1

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